Here are some of the top data room solutions for corporate document exchanges

The trend of automation of deal management activities and its transfer to electronic form dictates the need to revise the costly and inefficient ways of “paper” work with financial documents. This article will explain the benefits of a data room for secure corporate data exchange. What business tasks can the data room solve? With today’s … Continue reading “Here are some of the top data room solutions for corporate document exchanges”

Firmex data room with its functions

Technologies are an integral part of the contemporary working routine, especially in the business surrounding. There is no doubt that they dictate new rules and support changing the simple working routine. Sometimes, it may lead to both positive and negative results. In order to make an informed choice, we recommend you to pay attention to … Continue reading “Firmex data room with its functions”

What Is Boardroom

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The Directors Network: Importance of Reputation and Support

The recognition of the first person of the company, as well as his active position on important public issues, can significantly strengthen the reputation of the business. So, how can the board of directors impact the company’s reputation? How can strong networks impact the board of directors’ reputations? Reputation is more important today than ever … Continue reading “The Directors Network: Importance of Reputation and Support”

Top 5 Desired Characteristics of a Board of Directors

The traditional role of the board of directors in a public company – to oversee and control – is hopelessly outdated. So, what should be an effective board of directors? And what are the main characteristics of a productive board? Board of directors in a new reality As experts in the field of corporate governance … Continue reading “Top 5 Desired Characteristics of a Board of Directors”