What Is Boardroom


Today the digital marketplace is represented by a variety of various digital tools that allow online business interaction. This article will answer the following questions: what is a boardroom, and what are the software benefits for corporate management and board of directors collaboration?

Boardroom – a simple tool for important decisions

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the catalyst for many changes. This especially affected the field of information technology, which permeates all business processes today. Remote work, risk management, training – these and other areas required the accelerated implementation of new organizational approaches and technological solutions, the use of which was often only in distant plans. The transition of employees to remote work and the introduction of restrictions on holding face-to-face meetings and meetings primarily contributed to the formation of a request for new communication tools.

Users of the collegial bodies’ information system are already successfully using the remote format for holding meetings. The board portal solution is designed to automate the preparation and conduct of meetings, it can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the business and today it is successfully used both by representatives of government agencies and private businesses.

The software ensures digital transformation in the field of workflow and reporting in addition to the organization of the online events. The software works with electronic documents at all stages: creation, approval, storage. This is a basic business transformation that we will discuss below

Board portal for performing board of directors function

The main processes for managing collegial bodies implemented in the solution:

  • coordination of calendars of participants of collegial bodies, keeping a calendar of meetings;
  • formation and coordination with all interested parties of the agenda of the meeting of the collegial body;
  • control over the preparation and relevance of documents and materials on issues brought up at a meeting of the collegial body;
  • holding meetings of the collegial body (in person, in absentia, online) using the means of interactive interaction, voting, and fixing the results;
  • informing all interested parties about the results of the meeting of the collegial body;
  • control over the implementation of decisions of the collegial body.

What are the benefits?

Cloud-based boardrooms will help you get the software you need on the most favorable terms. The bottom line is that in this situation you can make a certain decision and choose the best software option that will be the most effective. This will help you get quality, as modern cloud services are developing as quickly as possible.

So, there are the following advantages:

  • Centralized data repository. Users can work in the electronic document management system with incoming, outgoing, administrative documents, control of orders. It implements the functionality of approving protocols and familiarizing with administrative documents through corporate mail, signing protocols with a simple electronic signature.
  • Web-conferencing. The fundamentally new digital module for managing meetings and meetings of collegial bodies was created. In one system, employees can schedule a meeting, agree on materials for a meeting, automatically create meeting minutes and agendas.
  • The board software provides a secure connection to the corporate data transmission network via a remote access system. The application is standalone and does not require additional costs. It generates access keys even if there is no cellular connection.
  • Board members use web-based tools to access shared calendars, e-mails, messaging apps, and applications for voice and video communication that are hosted on a portal. This is a kind of touchscreen video wall on which you can place any graphic information.